BX Format for Embrilliance

Posted by Amanda on 7/1/2018 to Helpful Info
BX format is included with ALL of our alphabet sets.  It's super easy to use to make names, words, and monograms!  Read this post for more info and find out how to download.

What is this .BX file and how can I use it?

 The BX format is a special pre-mapped font format.

Why is this format “special”? 

It allows you to use these alphabet designs as a keyboard font.  

What software do I need? Owners of Embrilliance Essentials, Embrilliance AlphaTricks or Designer’s Gallery EmbroideryWorks already have the program they need. To use the .BX file, simply drag and drop the .BX file on your program window as shown below. 

How To Merge or Combine Embroidery Files With Sew What Pro Software

Posted by Amanda on 2/1/2013 to Helpful Info
This is a short tutorial with pictures on how to merge files with Sew What Pro Software (available at www.sandscomputing.com). You need some type of software like this one to be able to use the alphabets sold on my site. :)

Machine Embroidery Feltie Instructions With Photos

Posted by Amanda on 1/9/2013 to Helpful Info
This is just a short tutorial on how to make my in the hoop felties.  :)