Machine Embroidery Feltie Instructions With Photos

Posted by Amanda on 1/9/2013 to Helpful Info
This short tutorial shows you how to make in the hoop machine embroidery felties.  The one in the photos is a simple, easy to do design. :)

Step 1.  I used Sulky Super Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer.  Hoop only the stabilizer.

 Feltie Tutorial Photo 1

Step 2.  Put the hoop in the embroidery machine and stitch out the first step - the placement line.  This will show you where to put your top layer of felt. 

Step 3. Put on the top layer of felt.  You might want to use a little bit of adhesive such as 505 spray.

Step 4. Stitch out any steps that go on top of the feltie.  In this case, it only stitched the basketball stripes, so I skipped the photo.  

Step 5. Once the top is finished, remove the hoop from the machine, but do NOT remove the design from the hoop.  Flip the hoop over so the back is visible and use some adhesive (such as 505 spray) to attach the bottom piece of felt on the underside of the hoop.

Step 6.  Put the hoop back in the machine and it will stitch the back onto the design so the back looks cleaner.  It also gives it a little more stability with the two layers of felt.

Step 7.  Now you're almost done!  Just remove the design from the hoop and trim around it.